Banbury Postiche is the oldest wig maker in the UK today, we have being buying and hand preparing hair at our Oxfordshire site since the early 1920’s.

Today we still use traditional methods to pattern match and hand prepare hair for use in custom made real hair wigs, hair extensions and test swatches used by cosmetic research laboratories around the world.

We can use or Purchase hair that meets the following specifications:

  • At least 14 inches / 35cm in length.
  • Tied at the nape of the neck prior to cutting to keep the roots and points of the hair together, due to the time taken
    To sort hair that is mixed root to point we do not accept mixed hair.
  • Is in a good healthy condition, not over processed or treated, colour doesn’t matter, we are always looking for
    Grey hair, so please do donate this if you are able to.

We pay between £3.00 – £7.00 per 25grams of hair. The longer the hair, the better the condition the better the price.

We are unable to donate directly to charities on behalf of the seller due to Tax implications.

We will use the hair to help people with long term hair loss conditions such as alopecia.

Any hair that we are unable to use will be returned to the sender with a note explaining why the hair is not acceptable.

“The hair room team extend their thanks to everyone who donates hair. They personally prepare the hair for use in wigs for those people suffering long term hair loss”.

Donate or Sell Your Hair

Donate or Sell Your Hair

To donate or sell your hair please send it to:

The Pattern Matching Department, Banbury Postiche, Apollo Park, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 6FE.

Please include your name and address, a contact telephone number or e-mail address along with a bank account
Number and sort code that can be used to transfer payment.

To Buy hair from us please call us on 01295 757410 or e-mail