Our Other Brands include:

Purely Wigs

Purely Wigs


We are one of the largest suppliers of Acrylic Wigs to the NHS and have our own superb Range of Acrylic wigs called Purely Wigs.  We have a dedicated Customer Service Team who are sensitive to the special needs of our customers, with the largest selection of brands and styles anywhere in the UK you can be sure of finding something that will suit your individual needs, coupled with advice from people who are fully trained in the product and aim to deliver the highest standard of Customer Service.

We offer a full consultation service from our showrooms in Banbury, with private consultation rooms and expert wig fitters, as well as a nationwide network of Agents, all trained to our high standards to offer our services regionally.

HairTalk Integration System

Total Hair Loss Solutions


The HairTalk Integration System provides a unique hair loss solution for anyone with very fine hair, thinning hair, male or female pattern baldness. It is constructed from the very finest materials and has been designed, developed and tested over the past 5 years and offers the very best solution to manage hair loss, allowing you to get on living life to the full.

This really does make a bad hair day a thing of the past, the only thing your Client will have to think about when they have their HairTalk Integration System is how they are going to enjoy themselves feeling and looking like they have a natural head of great looking hair.

Rapture Hair Extensions

Rapture Hair Extensions


Banbury Postiche are always at the forefront of the latest developments in everything associated with looking after hair and have pioneered these two systems to make them simply the best value available on the market today.

Rapture Rapid uses ultra fine tapes to attach the extension and is just so quick and easy to use, a full head in under 1 hour with the hair extensions being re-used for up to 6 months.

Rapture Fusion utilizes the traditional bonded method of hair extensions using the finest Eurotex Hair and hair friendly bonding,  that leaves no residue or damage to the hair.

Both systems are supplied via professional Hairdressing salons with hairdressing having to have obtained a minimum of Level 2 qualifications.

The quality of the hair and outstanding customer service make our Hair Extensions a must have salon service.

100% European Human Hair Supplier

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Our own highly skilled hair room, hand processed every strand of hair that we provide for Custom Made Wig Making, Hair Extensions, or Industry Testing, with over 100 years combined experience there is no finer hair preparation team anywhere in the UK today.  We are able to provide hair to match colour, texture and length, we can prepare hair to meet your exact requirements.  Our focus is high quality raw hair, prepared to the highest standard, supplied at the best price possible.  We are trusted by the Film and Theatre industries to supply hair for their productions that has to be durable and long lasting, and to date we don’t have any unsatisfied customers.

Wig Making Materials & Accessories

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We have the largest stock of  bespoke wig making materials on line and are proud to supply these Internationally.  We have invested a lot of time and effort to source the highest specification products, and where necessary have worked with UK companies to re-produce accessories that are no longer widely in production.

Additionally we support Education at every level of the Hair Industry and provide a range of Hair Student Kits to colleges, which have a superb range of tools for those just starting their careers.